My Autism Journal - a disclaimer

My Autism Journal - a disclaimer

Dear readers of my autism blog,

An important part of Autism Threads for me is to help raise awareness about autism, to help educate those who do not know about it and also to support mums, parents, and families like ours all living life with autism. I'm going to try and do this through this journal, and if there is just one thing I can say to you all beforehand, it is "Be kind" and "Thank you in advance"!

Firstly, I am no professional, not a journalist nor a writer (oh, how I wish), not a Doctor, not a Psychologist, I have no tertiary education in anything remotely to do with autism or even special educational needs, although I can pat myself on the back with a recent Diploma in SEN Support, ooh err! All I have is a very personal and meager four years experience living life with autism as a Mum to my youngest son Henry, so don't go quoting me on anything basically.

My friends and family would probably describe me as brutally honest and occasionally funny and I am sure that will come through in my blog. I do not ever, ever, ever mean to offend and I already know that the way I parent and talk about and treat my sons' autism may be very different to other Mums of autistic children out there. I am quite sure I will have opinions now that will change as Henry gets older (when those who are already more experienced and wiser than me will have the pleasure of making me eat my own words) don't we all? I would also not be truthful were I to purely stick to the positives and make it all rosy because it's not, it's hard, and I hope that those blog posts I write dealing with some of the difficult stuff are not a dampener or cause for concern about my mental state, it was dodgy before Henry was even born, ha ha ha.

I feel that people do want to know what it is really like, and in a way, it helps my wider family as it's not something I can often find the courage to talk about face to face or in front of others. Again, all I know is Henry, and apart from Mums I meet who have autistic children and volunteering one day a week in an autism specialist unit with older children who are more able than Henry, I know nothing else. Everything I write will be based on my own personal experiences. I promise to be truthful, always, and honest because I can't help it, and hopefully funny at times too. I hope you will enjoy reading my posts and find some support from the autism threads I weave into this journal of mine. 


  • Karen Gillen

    Hi I am the lady that works in Superdrugs in tonbridge !! I was really impressed with your sons t shirt ! As I said today !! Really like your blog and will be logging on to see your updates !! I was looking at your t shirts but noticed your age starts at 7/8 wondering if you will be doing any small sizes as my grandson is only five . Will let other people know about your site as a lot of parents I think would be interested .wish you all the best !! If I can help in anyway please let me know regards Karen

  • Beth

    Love it! And can’t wait to hear and learn more.

  • Kay Uren

    I am looking forward very much to your blog!

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