Hats off

Hats off

Hats off to the NHS & all frontline workers, for sure & of course! Utterly incredible & so selfless. There is something about the British culture that rubs off on all who work in it that is...well a bit like the war really...Tally Ho, let’s do our bit, fighting & surviving the muck with good humour, patience, kindness & determination...light a fag, whistle a tune & get on with it.

Hats off to mums who I strongly feel are bearing the brunt of this pandemic. Hats off even more to single mums & working mums & even more than that to teachers who are mums & EVEN more than that even, to the teachers who are mums to sen children. How the flipping hell does one home school their own children & teach a class of 30 odd from their pc/laptop at home at the same time? Plus get dinner on the table & take on the food shop, the pet, the cleaning, washing, ironing, tidying, mopping?

No discredit to Dads here at all btw. I just feel that the majority of families have Dad earning more than Mum, Mum working part time or from home in her own business (bad idea, hah). Maybe because of this & the generation who raised us we mums tend to bring it upon ourselves to a) allow Dad the best quiet space & most time for work & b) pick up the mantle of the kids, the meals, the bulk of the housework & now the jolly home schooling as well.

I absolutely do know the dads out there all do their bit, some more, some less & yes, maybe it’s purely down to us women (who are so fantastic at feeling guilt) who want to or were sold the fairytale of ‘you can have/do it all’ - wife, mum, career, businesswomen, chef, fit, beautiful, fashionable, fun, home-schooler, counsellor, lover, nurse, carer, entertainer, planner, ardent recycler, planet saver...shall I go on?

The ‘home schooling’ addition to the list has tipped us all over the edge man & I think we should resign. Let’s tell the Govt & schools to just let it go & catch the kids up as much as possible when it’s safe to return. To all the Mums out there, you’re amazing you know that?

Hats off to the single; the lonely; the vulnerable; the unemployed; the students who must be so disillusioned about life & the world right now; the youth who have no social life/sport/games/parties; the toddlers who don’t know what’s going on & who need play with others to learn basic foundations; the new mums of babies who have no new mums group support; the ones who can’t escape their abusive households; the people separated from their families home or abroad; those who’ve lost loved ones to covid; young couples who can’t see each other; the elderly who must feel so much fear; the sick; the hungry; the anxious; the sad; the good & the bad.

Time (& doing the right thing) will give us our lives back & heal the wounds.

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