No apology

No apology

Introducing our latest product. Drum roll...a super stylish ladies long fit slogan tee! The idea for this gorgeous charity tee has come from a few different sources.


Firstly, the desire to engage with the general public more as it is their perceptions of autism that need to change and with them that the awareness must be raised. Fashion t-shirts supporting good causes are not new and range from the sublime Beyonce Balmain collaboration for UNCF to the Fmly Store in Somerset (aka Selfish Mother) much closer to home who have raised an incredible 1 million plus for women's causes with their slogan #goodtees and sweatshirts. 

This fashion tee will be much the same and I am delighted to say that GBP3.00 per tee sold will go to smaller and more local autism charities. We already donate 10% of profits to The National Autistic Society but hopefully, this tee will make things a bit more tangible and meaningful to our customers at the point of sale. The chosen charities so far are The Kent Autistic Trust; Aspens; Anna Kennedy Online; Priors Court, and The Joy Centre in Ethiopia. 

Secondly, we had to find an awesome slogan that everyone could relate to but, that also resonated with autism. After months and months of deliberation, we narrowed it down to three and sent out a survey asking for not only a favourite slogan but, favourite t-shirt style, colours, fonts etc. too. This was a great exercise and hilarious. It's no wonder we have this Brexit mess. Honestly, you ask for a simple 'choose one favourite from A to E' and the answers go you get....oh my! Whole paragraphs about liking say B but also E and if it were in this colour then C and maybe their mum would prefer A but D would look good with jeans, and so on. Gotta love the British! Thankfully there was a great response overall and a clear favourite too, phew.

NO APOLOGY has been inspired by the song 'This is me' from The Greatest Showman film. Click on the slogan for song lyrics - YouTube.

And did you know Hugh Jackman is a fan of autism t-shirts???

This slogan will mean different things on different days to everyone, that's why we love it. What's your 'no apology' for today? Add it to the comments box below if you like. 

For me, it's 'no apology' for my son Henry's autism and the behaviours like stimming that are normal, safe, a form of communication and comforting to him. I do not want to have to apologise for his autism ever again. Today however, it's 'no apology' for taking a 40min 'Nanna nap' on the sofa, bliss. 



And finally, the aim of this fashion tee, like others, is to look good, feel good and do good. Send me a pic of you wearing the tee or post it and tag @autismthreads and tell me what your 'no apology' is for today.


Enjoy, and on behalf of all the autism charities, thank you for your support.




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