Not all birds are meant to fly - prints

Not all birds are meant to fly - prints

Since Autism Threads is a one woman show, it is my own personal mission (statement) to attract those not connected to autism in any way to my website to help change/improve their perceptions of autism & to encourage them to purchase a generic item that supports an autism charity showing they care & are aware. Or to read a newsletter or blog that opens their eyes to the world of not only autistic people but their parents & carers too. 

It’s all about starting conversations & what better way to do that than through visual cues like t-shirts, tote bags, caps & pin badges, especially when autism is not visually recognisable & it’s complicated too (a vast spectrum). The penguin & ostrich ‘not all birds are meant to fly’ riso prints & hopefully whole range one day...are such a wonderful reminder to all of us that each & every child, teenager & adult achieves & makes progress in their own time & way. 


What a blessing Henry’s autism has been to us all. We stepped off the conveyor belt, quickly realised that nothing could be more important than health, happiness & a loving home, for all our children. We learned to remind ourselves “it’s ok” & to celebrate the successes no matter how small or late. In fact, as a family, we have experienced the most laughter, the most joy & the most pride in Henry’s differences (downright weird, hilarious & wholly inappropriate at times) & some of the tiniest most insignificant to others achievements, we remember them always, & we often recall them around the dinner table. 

All children & adults need to be nurtured & reminded through their parents, family, friends, teachers, colleagues, bosses that we are all different & unique, we all have something special about us that’s all our own. I never tire of reading the caption ‘not all birds are meant to fly’. It makes me teary & warm & fuzzy all at the same time. It’s so true. 

Just because a bird cannot fly does not mean it is no longer a bird. Nor does it mean that it does not have its own unique & special qualities. There are 8 flightless birds all of which I hope to bring to the website in the form of Riso prints one day. Each of these birds is unique & has their own special something about them (the kakapo is so chubby & cute - coming to the website soon). 

Riso printing is an eco friendly print process with zero waste that produces slightly unique outcomes with every print & gives a grainy type of look & feel. I adore the pops of neon colour my designer & godmother to my son Henry gives to these prints. Thank you Myf of @frienddesign & @_brandologie. And thank you to Nikki of @beforebreakfast_london for the printing. The prints are available in A4; A4 with mount to fit a std 12 x 16” frame; framed & ready to hang (at markets & events only). 

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