Autism Support

Autism is a vast spectrum that includes Aspergers where some autistic individuals are not able to socially communicate at all & others can talk an awful lot, especially about their chosen interest.

Many autistic children & adults also have other associated & invisible conditions such as ADHD, SPD, OCD, PDA. My autism support t-shirts have captions specific to the wearer, to help support them & their carers whilst out & about (where they deserve to be) & that also provide visual cues to help others understand & change their perceptions.

However, we wouldn't want to leave the siblings, relatives, friends & general public out, so take a look at our more generic fashion t-shirts for everyone everyday with fun & funky logos that help to raise awareness, start conversations & look cool, obviously! You'll find them under 'fashion for a cause' and every purchase donates to autism charities.