riso prints 

The 'Not all birds are meant to fly' range is an eco-friendly print process, with unique outcomes & zero waste.

There are 8 flightless birds, all of whom we hope to capture in a riso print someday.

For now, though, introducing the amazing penguin & the ostrich. 

Resonating with us ALL. Each in their own time & way, with talents & uniqueness of our own.

Henry draws. prints coming soon...

Prints by Henry who draws. Henry is my son, he is 10yrs old, nonverbal, adhd & demand avoidant with complex sensory needs. He goes through phases of drawing that we find so intriguing & fascinating. One, because he can't tell us what he is drawing & two, because it's a window into his incredibly, visual, literal & astonishing world. Henry is not yet able to read or write, as we know it...

All proceeds will be donated to autism charities.