The story of how Autism Threads came to be...

I have an adorable and fascinating young boy called Henry who has autism. Henry is non verbal but he can talk, he just prefers not to or, it does not come naturally to him, especially socially. Autism is not visually recognisable so how would anyone know that someone was autistic in the first place? If they did know, how could they tell if that autistic person doesn't like to talk, or doesn't like to be touched, or loves to talk at length about his or her special interest? 

Autism Threads clothes and accessories are designed with this in mind - a clean and simple range of clothing and other products that when they are worn or seen in public will give people that quick visual cue so that they might adjust their expectations, understand, learn to accept and even perhaps have the courage to ask how best to approach and interact.

The colours and styles have all been chosen with autism and the sensory world in mind.  The fabrics used are 100% cotton where possible. The captions have taken the entire autistic spectrum into account, and all of the products are printed here in the UK. 

Our aim with Autism Threads

My son's autism has provided all of us in his family with so much joy and so much humour (along with all the challenging bits too) that I want to share it, raise awareness and be positive, always. Through Autism Threads, we would also like to support mums and parents and families like ours all living life with autism; to enlighten and help educate those who do not know about autism, and finally, to contribute in some way to the incredible charity that is The National Autistic Society (if we ever make any profit...!)

We're starting simple, but as time goes by we hope to grow the range with additional captions and colours for the shirts, more styles, fleeces, swim tops, our own labels, umbrellas, fidget balls, and so on - it's all very exciting! 

All of these threads, much like the many threads that make up autism, have come together to form the Autism Threads website and products. I hope they are positive, informative and uplifting. Happy shopping and reading.

Trish, Henry, and our family X