Pack of Five Fun Characters Postcards

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These are a set of five drawings autistic nonverbal Henry drew at age 10. They have not been altered or touched up in any way, we have no idea who or what they are but, we love them. The expressions in the eyes, the adornments on their heads, hilarious, the colouring in, it's all so fascinating. Henry can use language but is unable to communicate in an exchange, he cannot read or write & no-one has taught him how to draw or even colour-in since his preference is not be engaged ie instructed/taught, especially with language. 

ALL the proceeds from these packs of bright & colourful & expressive wonder will be going to autism charities. 

They are blank on the bank with their character name (invented by Mum) and Henry's signature ie his first ever independent writing of his own name.

Meet: Flare; Floop; Floppy; Fabian & Fang. Hello!

Use them as postcards to send or gift tags or message cards or frame them even!